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Amazing Facts About gorillas | Interesting Gorilla Facts | Gorilla Facts For Kids

Interesting Facts About gorillas | Interesting Gorilla Facts | Gorilla Facts And Information
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Gorillas are the largest member of the Ape family. A male Gorilla can weight up to 275kg and standing height can reach up to 1.75 meters. Gorillas are herbivorous in nature. They eat fruits, herbs stems and roots. They can be found in central and western Africa.

Here are some interesting facts about the gorillas:

Gorillas are the largest living Primate. Humans are also primates.

Gorillas are very smart and have been taught to use tools in captivity.

They communicate using gestures, body postures, sounds, and by slapping their chests. Some gorillas living in captivity have even been taught sign language.

Gorillas are shy animals, they are not aggressive.

Unlike humans, gorillas have an opposable big toe, as well as thumb. Therefore they can manipulate objects with their feet as well as their hands

Similar to humans, gorillas go through two sets of teeth in their lifetime
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